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Tanya Rush (Reshetova)
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I am a visual artist.
I do creative work in drawing, printmaking, graphic design, photography, video and animation.
I make it on screen and paper. I use coal, oil, pencils & digital devices to create visual arts.

I like to mix all the tools.

I make cartoons for official music videos, live show’s screen content, advertisement, educational videos or presentations.
I create a company's style, logos, prints as well as multimedia designs for a variety of purpose.
I produce photo and video shootings.

(c) Tanya Rush

The new album 'Panacea"(2012) of Dmitriy Malikov
Piano works by Dmitriy Malikov
Director, animator Tanya Rush

Director, animator Tanya Rush
Music video by Roxette performing No one Makes it on Her Own. (P) 2011 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Roxette Recordings under exclusive licence to EMI Music Sweden AB

I'm songwriter songs. That is one of the reasons I love to do artwork for music videos and performances.
Next song got award as "Song of the year" 2013 in Russia.

Soundtrack for movie "Love with accent" (Georgia/ Russia 2012)
Elka "I want"
Director Rezo Gigineishvili
Song by Тanya Rush
(c) Velvet Music, 2012

San Francisco, US :

Official representative :
Tatiana Fedorova

Cell: +1 (650) 296-0353

E-mail: fedorova.tanya@gmail.com

Skype: tanyafdrva
Linkedin: http://ru.linkedin.com/in/tatianafedorova
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tatiana.fedorova
Twitter: @fetati

Russia, Moscow :

Аниматор, режиссер и музыкант.

Арт-директор ProProduction

В сфере рекламного и музыкального производства с 2003-его года.

Среди клиентов:
ROXETTE; ЁЛКА; Дмитрий Маликов, Город 312, Земфира, UMA2RMAH и др.
компании -

GOOGLE, FREEMOTION; National Geographic, AVON, Axel Springer (Forbes, Newsweek) и др.
рекорд лейблы -


(c) T. Rush
My Facebook is...

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